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Simple customer relation management system

Do you still have customer data in Excel spreadsheets, Word, Outlook? Would you like to send an email or text message to thousands of contacts about your new services or product with a single click? Need a tool for email marketing campaigns? This is possible with a CRM system!

What is a CRM system?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, which means a crm system is a customer relationship management system. The CRM system is suitable for any company that no longer has a clear overview of working with customers due to the increase in the volume of customers and employees. It is also suitable for anyone who would like to inform their customers via SMS and e-mail about news, events and other important notifications.

Do your business need a CRM system?

Every day we face questions if companies need a crm system. Companies are not yet aware of how important it is to incorporate a CRM system into their business. Whether you run a small store in the middle of the city or you are a company with 500 or more employees, the CRM system enables your company to grow exponentially.

Above all, it is important that you use the CRM system to centralize data about your customers or. potential customers. Never look for phone numbers, email addresses in notes, excel spreadsheets again,… You always know where you have your customer data stored and most importantly: YOUR CUSTOMER DATABASE IS GOLD VALUABLE. Think about the fact that you have stored all the information about your customers in an excel file and this file on your computer. Then your computer crashes and you run out of everything. This is the greatest tragedy that can happen to you as a company.

Have you ever forgotten to call your partner, the customer at the agreed time? Have you ever forgotten a meeting? Forgot to send an offer to a potential buyer? Have you stocked up on meeting notes and no longer remember what you agreed with your potential customer?

These are serious problems and we believe you have already encountered this. If you use a CRM system, you no longer have these problems.

When do you know you need a CRM system?

Below are some questions to help you decide if it is the right time to set up a CRM system.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to immediately invest in setting up a CRM system.

CRM system functionalities

Complete control of the entire business

Our CRM system is a unique CRM system, as we have integrated automatic invoice generation based on the sales order. This means that if you have recurring sales orders for which you issue recurring invoices, the CRM system will automatically generate a new invoice on a specific date (Frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) based on the entered sales order. This functionality is similar to the functionality of the WHMCS system.


CRM system Advantages

All important documents in one place

You can combine and edit all those messages, reminders and comments that you pasted on monitors with sticky notes and wrote in Excel spreadsheets.

The CRM system is suitable for any company that no longer has a clear overview of working with customers due to the increase in the volume of customers and employees.

How to use a CRM system?

Easy and user friendly

You will be able to use our CRM system without interruption from the first day, from registration.

Order access

Order your 14-days Free Trial.

Log in to the system

You will receive login details to your e-mail.

Run the entire business

With the help of a CRM system, you can run your entire business.

We Provide Services to Our Customers From
All Over The World

You can use our system no matter where you are in the world.

Modules Presentation

In our crm system you have the option to use the following modules


Partners are legal entities. We can connect several contacts with them and thus get a list of employees in the company. A partner is not necessarily an existing client.


Contacts in the CRM system represent people with whom you have established a business relationship. Contacts are the most important information of any business.


Potentials are customers who have not yet established a business relationship with you. Creating potential is the first sales phase.


A list of all your employees


The products represent the stock of your goods in the warehouse. Whether the products are purchased from a supplier or manufactured yourself, the Products module encrypts your products. The module is linked to the 'Invoices' module, which allows you to issue pro forma invoices to your customers.


The service is a free or paid help that you provide to your customers. The Services module represents the code list of your services. It is linked to the ‘Invoices’ module, which allows you to issue invoices to your customers. You enter your services in it and at the same time connect them with other components of the CRM system.


Funds are a module that can be used for multiple purposes. It can serve as a list of fixed assets in a company, or it can serve as a bill of materials for products. The assets in the CRM system can be used as a code list of entry products at an individual production point (eg serial number, batch number, customer name, etc.).


Naročilo je dokument oz. nalog dobavitelju za dobavo izdelkov ali izvedbo storitev. Modul vam omogoča izdajo naročil in podroben opis vaših zahtev pri dobavi izdelkov ali storitev.


A sales order is an internal document in the company that is created upon receipt of a customer order. You can track all products and services that need to be manufactured, performed,… according to agreed prices and dates.


An invoice is a document on the basis of which you receive paid services or products.


The offer is a proposal for the conclusion of the contract, which contains all the essential components of the contract. With the acceptance of the offer, the contract is also concluded. The offer must express the will to conclude the contract and be formulated simply and logically.


A pro forma invoice is a business document issued to a customer. Based on the issued pro forma invoice, the buyer pays the product or service to the seller. The pro forma invoice must contain a detailed list of products and services, prices, tax rates, name and address of the buyer, information of the seller, discounts, quantities, date of payment and other important information specified by the buyer and seller in the offer.


An extremely efficient, reliable and affordable sales channel that perfectly complements your other marketing activities. You can send an SMS to an individual, a selected segmented group or the entire database. Our CRM system is specially adapted to all those for whom informing users is especially important (news, road closures, events, work on certain road sections, ().


Regularly notifying customers of your offers and promotions attracts email recipients to monitor your website and your business. It is an opportunity to concretely increase sales and build a brand. By sending e-newsletters regularly, you make sure that existing customers do not forget about you, and at the same time you can sell them more products or services with a good offer.


You can use several preset reports (activities by partners, contacts, campaign performance…) or we can create a report tailored to your requirements. You can use custom reports based on criteria using different filters. You can receive reports daily to your email address to stay up to date with all the activities included in the report.


The cleaning module is intended for everyone who deals with cleaning (cleaning services, housework,…). The module enables the scheduling of tasks, time,… for an individual object. From the “Cleaning” modules you have your cleaning tasks or housework completely under control.


The module is intended for all those who deal with receivables. The system enables the management of receivables by debtor and creditor, open and paid amounts, payment dates,…

HOTEL (accommodation)

The accommodation module is intended for all those who are engaged in providing accommodation. It allows you to manage facilities, rooms and a comprehensive reservation system for your accommodation. It is intended for hotels, motels, tourist farms, hostels, camps, inns and also private roommates.


The maintenance module is intended for everyone involved in maintenance. With the module you can plan all types of maintenance or. assembly work. The module is intended for electrical installers, plumbers, ceramicists, companies engaged in heating, companies that sell the services of built-in windows, doors, blinds,… Practically all those who perform installations or. maintenance work, as well as all others who perform any services and need a system to manage the implementation of works.


A typical salesman’s day consists of several events. Monitoring activities, however, can become a major problem. That’s why we’ve developed a calendar to help you keep track of your activities. You can follow past activities, activities of the current day or. future activities. You can choose from three calendar views (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). You can also monitor the activities of your employees.


A contract is an agreement between two or more parties in which the parties define each other's rights and obligations. The Contract module allows you to prepare and control contracts, purchase orders, agreements,…


Documents are files that you save to a CRM system. You can save them in word, excel, pdf, jpg, png,… files. You can organize and organize your files into folders for easy organization and retrieval.


In order for customers or. send physical mail to potential customers (eg New Year's greetings, campaign notice, invoice offer), allows the CRM system to print envelopes with the addresses of partners or contacts.

Connect your contacts with projects

Quick and easy business overview

Customer relationship management

By definition, a CRM system is a system that is strategically placed for your business and helps you establish and maintain customer relationships. The CRM system allows you to gather all the details of customer interactions on a centralized platform and provides easy access to customer data for all members of your team.

This means that customer relationship management is an important company strategy for managing the interaction between you and your customers. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction, retain customers as customers and, above all, grow sales The CRM system helps the company achieve the goals of streamlining communication through various channels and providing insight into what is happening with the customer to the key decision makers in your company.

CRM system connects tasks between marketing, sales and support departments and offers a comprehensive customer overview.

Understanding CRM systems

Great relationships are the key to a successful business. As your organization expands, the constant growth of potential customers is crucial, while still being able to provide your customers with personal contact. Having a tool like a CRM system will allow you and your team to communicate effectively with customers and consequently your customer satisfaction.

A CRM system is your best investment decision.

The importance of customer relationships

From customers to your employees, everyone expects transparency of the customer’s path (sales channel) and the CRM system is a great platform for monitoring the customer in the sales channel. To improve customer relationships, you can track the customer, analyze it, and improve sales measures.

Using the right CRM system helps you save time for unimportant tasks and increases your productivity by streamlining business processes. The CRM system also ensures that all customer data is entered in one place.

Equip your employees with more advanced cloud-based information technology services. Access to the crm system is provided anywhere and anytime.

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